Norwesco Industries is proud to be a distributor for Argonics Engineered Polyurethane, one of the premium North American manufacturers of polyurethane products. With a full line of ready to install concrete mixer liners for manufacturers including Con-E-Co, Erie Strayer, Helco, Inventure, Johnson, McNeilus, Rexcon, Ross, and Vince Hagan mixers.

  • Single durometer, multi-plate enforced mixer liners designed to never delaminate
  • Improved manufacturing process and more weld plates to stop concrete penetration
  • Improved plate to urethane bonding
  • Excellent wear and cut/tear resistance
  • Five years or one million yards warranty
  • Snap-Tite™ plug or weld in design

Argonics Kryptane® Evolution™mixer drum liners are the industry standard.

Norwesco Industries also stocks Argonics weldable urethane sheets, 1/2″ x 4′ x 10′ which can be easily customizable on site to suit any application where structure is being worn away by abrasives or product flow. Extremely easy to install with tack welding, Argonics Weldable urethane sheet can, and will, solve some of those difficult wear areas causing you time and money.