Yellowmine pipe is manufactured from a specially formulated PVC compound. The compound contains impact modifiers and ultraviolet inhibitors. The Certa-Lok joint system enables a non corrosive restrained joint system that utilizes precision machined grooves on the pipe and inside the couplings. This system allows for a spline to be inserted locking the pipe and coupling together. A flexible elastomeric O-ring provides a hydraulic seal.

This system enables fast assembly. It also provides the user disassembly, allowing for system changes or portability. The Certa-Lok joint can be used in above and below ground applications. A full range of adapters is available to construct virtually any configuration. Elbows, flange adapters, threaded adapters. This piping system is available in 2” to 16” diameters. A proven industrial performer used in applications such as slurry lines, effluent and reclaimed water lines, permanent and temporary potable water lines, Sewer applications, process-piping etc.