Norwesco Industries has been involved in the supply and manufacturing of a wide variety of slide bearing pads since 1989. The concept of the slide pad is simple. Two surfaces with low coefficients of friction are allowed to slide against each other. The upper pad is larger than the lower pad, this insures the bearing area remains constant. These slide pads are attached to steel plate, which are fixed to a wide variety of structural or piping applications where they must accommodate for thermal expansion, misalignment and adverse rotation. The materials chosen to perform this function must exhibit the following characteristics, correct chemical compatibility, temperature resistance and a low coefficient of friction. This explains why the most popular contact surfaces used are Teflon and mirror finish stainless steel. A number of different styles of pads are available but the most common configurations are seen in the drawings A, B and C.

A number of methods of attaching the slide bearing pads are available to accommodate for simple installation. Welding is the most popular, followed by mechanically fastening and cast in place. Note: Caution must be taken when tack welding a Teflon steel pad. The heat transfer may result in the delaminating of Teflon. The materials required to manufacture the common configurations of slide pads are stocked at Norwesco and result in excellent delivery, generally 6-7 working days.                       

We at Norwesco acknowledge additional information may be necessary for you to determine which type of slide pads would be optimum for your application. We would be pleased to forward literature and or arrange consultations with one of are representatives.