Polyester Shim (Mylar) is an extremely strong, flexible, and durable plastic suitable for many industrial applications. Polyester Shim is inert to water, and acts as a moisture barrier, as well as being resistant to oils, greases, and most aromatics, with a temperature range of -75C – 150C. Since its manufactured without plasticizers, it will not become brittle, or yellow with age. Norwesco stocks 40″ wide x 250 Ft. rolls of polyester shim with colors and thicknesses of .002 (red), .003 (green), .004 (tan), .005 (blue), .0075 (transmat), .010 (brown), .012 (black), .014 (natural), .015 (pink), and .020 (yellow). Whether its bulk sheet, or custom cut shims, Norwesco is able to fill your order, often the same day.