Norwesco is the leading manufacturer of Metal Jacketed Gaskets in Alberta. With a proud history of over 40 years of manufacturing ensures our metal jacketed gaskets are made correctly every time. The Double Jacketed gasket is commonly known as a Heat Exchanger Gasket. Virtually all Large Heat Exchangers manufactured use this type of gasket. There are no recognized standard sizes and must be built as a custom. A basic ring can be manufactured quickly and often the same day those with bars can be manufactured within the week. We have the capability of manufacturing in almost any outside and inside diameter and in three basic 26 Gauge Metals, 316 Stainless Steel, 304 Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel. Corrugated and Solid Metal Gaskets can be supplied upon request. If you require any additional information concerning this type of gasket please do not hesitate to contact our one of our experienced Sales Representatives.