Plastic Manufacturing Capabilities

In our quest to satisfy the needs of a demanding marketplace, Norwesco Industries has implemented cutting-edge machining capabilities. We are now providing close tolerance cutting and machining on a large variety of plastics. Often our customer’s applications call for simple cuts and drilling which we can often provide within the same day. For those more demanding applications you can simply email your drawings to our knowledgeable sales staff in any format you wish and we will be glad to assist you with your unique application. With our highly experienced staff and large inventories available to you, we are confident we can assist you in satisfying your specific requirement.

Foam Manufacturing Capabilities

Norwesco Industries has quickly become a leader in the production of die cut and CNC cut foam products. We have a number of die presses and boast in-house die manufacturing. We are also able to translate most drawings into an AutoCAD Drawing eXchange Format (.DXF) and produce your cut foam products often in days instead of what can often take others weeks to perform.
If your requirements include rolled foam with or without adhesive back, we are confident we can satisfy your needs. We have a complete inventory of closed cell and open cell foam pre-cut from 1/16” thick to 2” thick from ¼” wide to 54” wide. We can apply pressure-sensitive adhesive to all of our foam products. If your application calls for a custom width, we have the capability to cut in-house often the same day.

If you require a quality foam product cut to close tolerances quickly and economically we’re confident we can meet your needs.