Industrial Foam

Norwesco is considered to be the leader in Alberta for industrial high-performance foams and foam fabrication. Our inventory of open and closed cell industrial foam is unrivalled in Western Canada. We invite our clients to become partners in the process of design, material selection and the manufacturing techniques required to ensure you receive the optimal product for your sealing application. We are proud to represent the leading manufacturers of foam in North America. Jacob and Thomson, Industrial Rubber, Monarch Rubber and Rogers Inc. If your firm demands a high-quality foam seal manufactured in a prompt and economical manner, Norwesco is your go-to supplier.

Industrial Plastics

Our commitment to providing quality plastic products to multiple industries has spanned more then 25 years. Norwesco has the philosophy of providing the finest quality of the largest variety of plastics meeting the closest industry tolerances. Our ability to meet your requirements is aided by a vast inventory and knowledgeable staff.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to meet your specific needs.

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