PTFE (PolyTetraFluorEthylene)

More commonly known as Teflon® which is DuPont’s registered trade name for Polytetrafluorethylene, it is a flourocarbon-based polymer. This fluoroplastic offers high chemical resistance, low and high temperature capability,excellent resistance to UV, extremely low friction and is a  good electrical and thermal insulator.  PTFE mechanical properties are low compared to other plastics, but its properties remain at a useful level over a wide temperature (-100 Degree F to +400 Degree F) . Mechanical properties can be enhanced by adding fillers, glass, bronze and graphite.

Virgin PTFE Physical Properties
Polymer: Polytetrafluorethylene
Hardness: 60-65D Shore D
Tensile: 6000 PSI
Elongation: 300%
Color: White
Temp. Range: -212˚C – 260˚C