Norwesco Industries has a complete line of Flexible graphite, also known as Grafoil, gaskets.

They are available in several styles including homogeneous sheet and laminated styles with various types of core materials that include 316 Stainless Steel foil insert, 316 Stainless Steel Tang insert, and 316 Stainless steel Wire Mesh insert. Flexible graphite or Grafoil is naturally lubricious with makes it the ideal choice for gasket and seal applications where surface movement exists. Flexible graphite is made without binders, resins or other additives and has 99% carbon content.

Higher carbon content gives the flexible graphite better chemical resistance, better thermal conductivity, and better sealability. It is unaffected by heat over a wide range of temperatures and exhibits low electrical resistivity and high thermal conductivity and is also suitable for cryogenic temperatures.

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing division, Flexible Graphite can be cut into most required configurations, often within a very short timeframe to meet your needs.

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