Norwesco is a multi dimensional and dynamic company offering a broad variety of unique services to you, our valued customer. Our ability to work with such a varied and diverse inventory enables us to offer many specialized services to meet your needs, regardless of your industry.

Conveyor Belting & Accessories

We string and vulcanize conveyor belts in coal mines, bakeries, hospitals, paper plants, wood plants, and in any other plants where the efficient movement of materials is needed. Our full-service conveyor line also includes pulley lagging, manufactured chutes, belt tracking and cleaning systems.

Norwesco Industries has professional service crews able to respond quickly to any customers who may be experiencing down time due to conveyor issues. Our service crews are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All of our service technicians are certified technicians trained in the newest, and most up to date procedures.

We also offer monthly or quarterly audits or inspections for preventative maintenance on conveyor belts.  Having your conveying systems analyzed helps create peace of mind, and ensures repairs, structural changes, and conveyor belt selections have been optimized to suit your specific system requirements.

Gaskets and Sealing Products

Norwesco manufactures soft and steel gaskets for all industry applications. Our unequalled array of soft gasket choices enables us to produce almost any conceivable shape. The machinery we use is sophisticated and cost effective allowing for custom, made-to-order requirements. Gasket cutting is an art requiring precision and know-how.  As such, we still implement the skill of cutting by hand when needed, as this is still the best way to produce a small quantity for that one-time special project you may have.

Industrial & Hydraulic Hose

Norwesco assembles all styles of hydraulic hose and industrial hose and ducting. Included in this area are Stainless steel hose and expansion joints. We have the ability to hydrotest these products in-house to 30,000 psi if required.

Industrial Foam & Plastics

Norwesco Industries is proud to be the only company in western Canada that offers slitting of closed cell neoprene foam with or without pressure sensitive adhesive. Die cutting and horizontal C&C capabilities allow us to custom manufacture efficiently while maintaining close tolerances. Within our plastic cutting and fabricating facilities we are able to precision-cut and drill plastic sheet and rod stock to +/- 1/32″.