TOPOG-E® Gaskets

Topog-E® Gaskets are molded from a special composition that will stop leakage that causes corrosion around handholes and manholes in steam boilers, water heaters and air tanks. Topog-E gaskets are easy to install and remove leaving both surfaces clean and requiring less chiseling or buffing. Standard Elliptical “E” (oval) and Obround “B” are available in various sizes. We can also provide custom cut gaskets for any size and shape inspection plates. If you’re looking for Topog-E® gaskets call Norwesco Industries now, we stock most common sizes.

Topog-E® Physical Properties

Hardness: 80D Shore A
Pressure Rating Steam: 180 PSI
Color: Black
Temp. Range: up to 380F

Non-Asbestos Thermo Fab Tape & Rope

Non-asbestos Thermofab tape and rope is most commonly used to seal different types of ovens, furnaces, chimney hatches and boiler doors where extreme temperatures occur. All of our non-asbestos Thermofab tapes and ropes are made from Type “E” glass fiber with a service temperature of 1000F. Thermofab tape and rope resists most acids, alkalis, and solvents. (Exceptions: Hydrofluoric Acid ) Meets Mil-Y-1140, Mil-C-20079, Leachable Chlorides Mil-1-24244B. We carry a large assortment of twisted fiberglass rope, ranging in sizes from 1/4″ to 2″. “E” Glass Tape is available in 1/16″, 1/8″ and 1/4″ in widths from 1″ to 6″. Drop Warp – Bolt hole tape is also available at no extra cost. Pressure sensitive, adhesive-backed and heat treated also available upon request. Contact our knowledgeable inside sales staff now for more information.

Non-Asbestos Thermo Fab Tape & Rope Physical Properties
Color: White
Temp. Range: up to 1000F Continuous

Cammprofile Gaskets

Norwesco Industries carries the NorCam Gasket. This gasket is a preferred gasket for applications requiring low seating stresses and for equipment that experience excessive movement due to thermal expansion such as heat exchangers and large vessels. Along with this, Cammpro is an ideal replacement for problem applications associated with jacketed gaskets, spiral wound and corrugated metal gaskets. Cammpro gaskets are manufactured by applying precisely machined serrations over rigid metal substrates then adding a facing material of either flexible graphite or PTFE on top of the serrations.

There are three styles of the Cammpro

  • Style Nor-1 is produced without a guide ring for tongue and groove or recessed flange applications.
  • Style Nor-2 is constructed with an integral guide ring.
  • Style Nor-3 utilizes a loose-fitting guide ring. This popular design is produced in standard flange gasket designs and is used in equipment with excessive radial shear characteristics.

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